Trust 2.0

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GDI Study No. 25 / 2007
Trust 2.0
Authors: Karin Frick, Mirjam Hauser
GDI Research Board: David Bosshart, Stefan Kaiser, Martina K├╝hne
Language: German and English

Where tomorrow's customers will place their trust

  • Whom do customers still trust?
  • Where do they find experts to give them advice?
  • How important are opinions of friends?

Mistrust among consumers is on the increase. Meat no longer fit for consumption, exorbitant salaries for managers and media manipulation all undermine confidence in suppliers. Trust in sales people and manufacturers is waning. Consumers no longer believe that suppliers have any interest in the individual customer. Instead, they seek advice and information from other customers.

By analysing the results of a poll amongst a representative sample of customers, the study throws light on their behaviours and attitudes and draw conclusions for the future.

Summary of the study (PDF)