Tools for the Performance of Life

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Tools for the Performance of Life
How Watches and Jewellery Direct Identities.
Language: German
Author: Marta Kwiatkowski
Commissioned by: Hirsch Armbänder

A glance at our smartphones, tablets or laptops is all it takes. Today, everywhere we look we see what time it is. The time display is perhaps the least used feature on a smartwatch. Who will need to wear a wristwatch in the future?

The watch industry is facing the same digital revolution as the music, publishing and film industries. Demand for their core product is threatening to vanish. High time then for new future perspectives.

Commissioned by Hirsch Armbänder GmbH, the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute conducted the study Tools für die Bühne des Lebens: Wie Uhren und Schmuck Identitäten inszenieren (only available in German).

The GDI study

  • illustrates the current role of wristwatches in today’s world,
  • lays out the potential of this ‘product of the past’ in the age of cultural throwbacks,
  • analyses the needs, values and purchasing decisions of tomorrow’s consumers,
  • explores the key trends for future product dimensioning,
  • identifies new opportunities for further developing the sales strategy.

The study provides a basis for handling the challenges of an uncertain present and exploiting the potential of a promising future.

Summary German (PDF)