The Story of Unstoring

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GDI Study No. 33 / 2010
The Story of Unstoring
Author: Martina K├╝hne
Language: German

The end of the shop as we know it

When Amazon launched its online plattform in 1995 the sales channel faced a wall of scepticism. Who in the world would order books online when they could buy them in a shop? Fifteen years later the answer is clear: lots of people, and more every day. Stationary retailing is generally moving online.

The clear distinction between online and offline, between virtual and real, is blurring as the two universes merge. But what will happen to conventional shops when more people use the pixel shopping cart than the conventional wire cart? What is the effect when not only profits but entire realities shift?

The GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute investigates how the classic point of sale can survive in the cyberspace age. How bricks and clicks can complement each other in a way that offers a future for stationary retailing.

Summary of the study in English (PDF)