Smart Home 2030

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Smart Home 2030
How Digitization Transfroms the Building and Housing Industry
Authors: Karin Frick, Daniela Tenger
Languages: German, French, Italian
Commissioned by: Raiffeisen Schweiz

Digitalisation has already changed many areas of our lives and is now set to have an impact on construction and housing, too. Networking makes it possible to completely reorganise, control and monitor our homes. The ‘smart home’ is the buzzword of the day, and countless providers are already trying to capitalise on the idea.

Even non-industry players such as Samsung, Google or Apple are stirring things up in the housing and construction market. Along the entire value chain – from planning and construction through to the rental, maintenance and renovation of a building – new organisational forms, functions and markets are emerging.

The GDI study Smart Home 2030, commissioned by Raiffeisen, examines how digitalisation will transform the construction and housing sector. It shows

  • how important the topic is in today’s construction and real estate market and whether Swiss providers are ready for this change,
  • how software can make living more comfortable, safer and less expensive,
  • what new challenges providers will face.

A representative survey of providers in the construction and real estate market was carried out for this purpose throughout Switzerland. In addition, the biggest trends were discussed and six hypotheses for the future were put forth during expert interviews and a workshop.

Summary (PDF), German
Summary (PDF), French
Summary (PDF), Italian