Retail-Innovation-Report 2004

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GDI Study No. 15 / 2004

Author: Daniel Staib

Language: German and English

Up and coming innovations and an examination of their prospects

  • What will be the most important retail innovations?
  • What will be the innovation that enters the first phase of the hype cycle next?
  • Is a new technical gadget just being hyped, blown out of proportion, or not?
  • What has become of that once-hot topic that has now disappeared from the media?

Retailers could put dozens of new products on their shelves every day. But the development of new sales channels, new retail outlet concepts and the implementation of new technologies is a long-term process fraught with many potential pitfalls and hazards.

Analysis of the volume of coverage of an innovation in the mainstream media shows its positioning on the hype cycle. And its current positioning indicates the need for action: Overblown expectations, disillusionment or productive benefit?

Summary of the study (PDF)