Radical Trends Guide

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GDI Study No.12 / 2004
Radical Trends Guide

Authors: David Bosshart, Karin Frick and Stefan Kaiser

Language: German and English

The hidden desires of tomorrows markets

  • Is today’s science-fiction tomorrow’s reality?
  • How do such stories influence science, research and development?
  • Where are the wildest fantasies of researchers, developers and investors headed?
  • What new markets are they driving forward?
  • Which stories have the greatest sex appeal and the most influence on the collective unconscious?

The future belongs to the best storytellers. When radical trends take-off, speculation is rife. But slowly this seeps into everyday consciousness taking over and forming new realities.

The GDI study is based on expert discussions and analysis of science fiction films and books. This exploration begins in the economic and social fields, highlighting trends that have the potential to radically change the world..

Summary of the study (PDF)