Generation Gold

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GDI Study No. 18 / 2005
Generation Gold
Author: Karin Frick

Languages: German, English

How values, wishes and lifestyles change between 50 and 80

  • How does life at 50 differ from life at 60? At 70? And 80?
  • What factors determine the subjectively felt old age?
  • What makes the «Generation Gold» happy?
  • Which old-age lifestyles are trendy?
  • How does this new awareness affect retail, the consumer goods industry and the service sector?

Based on interviews with 40 to 80 year old persons, the study «Generation Gold» analyses the value changes in our aging society. Old age does not equal old age. In the future, we will witness a differentiated awareness of biologic and felt age, between «perma youth», «retro aging», and «aging hipsters». Thus, the study brings to light a hardly explored side of a generation that still represents a blackbox to marketing. 

«Generation Gold» is a valuable source of information for marketers in retail, the consumer goods industry and the service sector who want to unlock the potential of this fit, active and rather wealthy generation. 

Summary of the study (PDF)