Food Nations

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GDI Study No. 21 / 2005
Food Nations
Authors: Karin Frick, Stephan Sigrist
Language: German, English

The most popular cuisines and their importance for the image of a nation

  • Which food nations are en vogue? Which have gone out of fashion?
  • What is the influence of a country’s cuisine on tourism – and vice versa?
  • How do we perceive food nations? How is the self perception and the perception of others?
  • Does globalisation widen the choice in the foodservice sector or is there more fusion cuisine?
  • The Food Nations study is based on the analysis of over 1600 restaurants in Europe and the USA, mainly in the upper price segment. It provides assessments by nine renowned experts from the countries studied on the most popular national cuisines. The study presents their rating of what cuisines are on their way up or down and their view of the role of regional cooking and the development of fusion cuisine.

    Food Nations is essential reading for managers in the fields of food, retailing, foodservice and tourism. Furthermore, the study contains valuable data for experts in the marketing, branding and business development sectors..

    Summary of the study (PDF)