Fluid Care

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Fluid Care
Demand market versus welfare structure
Authors: Marta Kwiatkowski, Daniela Tenger
Languages: German, French
Commissioned by: Senesuisse

The demographic trends are unambiguous: our society is getting older and older. Life expectancy is increasing in all of the world’s highly developed countries, resulting in a growing demand for care and nursing.

Yet the requirements are changing, too, now that the baby boomer generation is reaching retirement age and has different ideas when it comes to self-determination and autonomy than their parents. In the digitalised society of the 21st century, flexibility, comfort and personalisation are more important than ever before.

This raises questions about the future of care and nursing in Switzerland:

  • Who will care for us in old age?
  • What new needs will arise and how can we meet them?
  • What providers and business models will shape the market in the future?

The Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute addresses these questions in its study Fluid Care: Nachfragemarkt versus Wohlfahrtsstruktur (available in German and French), commissioned by Senesuisse. The study examines the systems of seven countries and discusses new scenarios for the future as part of a workshop for experts.

Summary (PDF), German
Summary (PDF), French