European Food Trends Report

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European Food Trends Report
The consumer’s spring – cultivating a new food mindset
Language: German, English
Authors: Mirjam Hauser, David Bosshart, Christopher Muller

The customer is taking charge. Their confidence in the food industry shattered by a series of scandals in recent years, consumers have taken matters into their own hands. They have acquired new skills, with the result that today they are more competent and informed than ever before. Consumers' new critical awareness manifests itself in four spheres:

  • At home: Being knowledgeable about food enhances social status – but beyond the snobbery of wine connoisseurship. With access to better information about food, everybody can be a food expert.
  • Business: Canteens emerge into gastronomically compelling restaurants that reflect a corporate image and serve as social hubs. As a parallel, business meetings become less pompous.
  • On the go: Mobile food is getting good, at last. Stations and airports convince with new food concepts focusing on the new needs of travellers and commuters.
  • Away from home: Guests like hosts who are able to talk about the provenance of the food they serve and to prepare traditional recipes with a contemporary touch.

The theses on the future of patterns discussed in this European Food Trends Report were developed in a creative workshop and fleshed out with specific examples in interviews with experts in the fields of gastronomy, science, market research, design and consulting.