European Food Trends Report No. 32

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GDI Study No. 32 / 2010
European Food Trends Report
Authors: David Bosshart, Christopher Muller, Mirjam Hauser
Language: English or German

Science versus Romance

In the world of food there is an area of conflict between industrialised science-based food production on one side and the nostalgic yearning for lovingly hand-prepared food on the other: Science vs. Romance. The «European Food Trends Report» analyses the fundamental imbalance between these poles:

  • How can the discrepancy between sustainability and convenience, fast food and good food, traditional methods and industrial mass-production be overcome?
  • How can local produce be promoted in view of the strong focus on global distribution channels?
  • How can anonymous, standardised food be linked to closeness, intimacy, immediacy and responsibility?
  • What will the future of fine-dining look like caught between CRM and true hospitality?

The European Food Trends Report describes why and how the cards in the Global Food Industry-Poker have to be shuffled and dealt out anew to re-balance Science and Romance.

Summary of the study (PDF)