European Food Trends Report No. 29

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GDI-Study No. 29 / 2008
European Food Trends Report 2009 - 2014
von Stephan Sigrist mit Illustrationen von Thomas Ott
Authors: David Bosshart, Mirjam Hauser
GDI-Research-Board: Karin Frick, Stefan Kaiser, Martina Kühne, Nicole Lüdi
Language: German and English

Perspectives for the food industry, retail and restaurant trade

  • How do people and markets react to an increasing food shortage and rising prices?
  • Are new regulations to be expected and will unhealthy food be banned?
  • What will be the most important innovations for the food industry, retail and restaurant trade?

The food and beverage market is on the brink of radical change. Recent decades have seen continual increases in the range and selection of available products, which have steadily become less expensive. Now the opposite is happening: market saturation and surplus is being replaced by shortages and related challenges. The cost of the oil and agricultural raw materials is increasing while global demand for food is sky-rocketing. At the same time, climate change is contributing to decreases in crop yields.

The study is based on interviews with experts in the fields of science, food-industry and restaurant trade from different West-European countries. It assesses the most important trends and its consequences for producers, the food industry, for food trade and the restaurant industry.

Summary of the study (PDF)