Digital Corporate Publishing

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Digital Corporate Publishing
Being part of tomorrow's conversation
Authors: Jakub Samochowiec, Detlef G├╝rtler, Karin Stieger
Languages: German, English
Commissioned by: Migros Medien

Companies and brands have lost the information monopoly over their products. In the future, they will have to be happy if you listen to them at all. Consumers are nowadays informing themselves through countless channels. Linear media are over, what is coming are networks. We find ourselves in an uninterrupted dialogue that is influenced and shaped by all actors.

Especially in times of fake news, objective and honest information becomes more and more important. But what does that mean if the transmitter is a company? How can corporate publishing provide credible information? And what happens if journalism can only be financed by companies?

What role will transparency play tomorrow? Will it be more important to whom I tell something than what I tell? And how does Augmented Reality change corporate communication?

The GDI study poses these questions and draws on the expert knowledge of more than 500 respondents from the media industry.

Summary (PDF), German

Summary (PDF), English

By the way: Author of the study and researcher Jakub Samochowiec will also speak on the subject of digital corporate publishing in your company. For further information please contact Ingrid Schmid.