Eight years after the financial crisis “we are experiencing a crisis of legitimacy while populism is on the rise“, says Alex Tapscott, son of technology thought leader Don Tapscott and co-author of “Blockchain Revolution”. 

The solution for this problem is already there: “The technology likely to have the greatest impact on the world of financial services for the next 20 years has arrived. It’s Blockchain." With blockchain we have a once in a generation opportunity to reinvent financial services for a new era of trust and legitimacy: “We are entering a new era of technology. Software is finally eating Wall Street.“

“Blockchain represents nothing short of the second generation of the internet“, the Canadian investor feels certain. The internet is changing from an internet of information to an internet of value – a web, where trust is not established by a third party but rather through mass collaboration, cryptography and clever code. And bitcoin is just the start, smart contracts are the next step of the blockchain revolution.

And Tapscott predicts extensive social change: “Blockchain has the ability to create a more prosperous world.” In this TEDx-Talk he explains how this is going to happen:

Alex Tapscott will be speaking at the Blockchain Valley Conference on 13 June 2017.
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