Airport Shopping 2025

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GDI Study No. 24 / 2006
Airport Shopping 2025
Constant Growth? The Only Winning Retail Location?
Part I of Future Shopping Locations 2025
Authors: Daniel Staib, Erin Hunt
Commissioned by: Arup
Language: English

  • What is special about airport shopping?
  • What’s next, continuous growth?
  • Will all airports be shopping malls in the future?

The challenge of the aviation industry is limitless growth. Will the global fleet grow to 35,300 passengers and cargo jets as projected? Or will growing anxieties about terrorism and epidemics reduce passenger numbers to a few at the very top who can afford luxurious and hyper-secure circumstances?

A range of polarised drivers of change are included in the scenarios constructed and examined by a joint GDI-Arup workshop to challenge the conventional wisdom of the future of airport retailing.

Summary of the study (PDF)